Thursday, 20 October 2011

Acer Iconia Smart S300 Android Smartphone

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Acer Iconia Smart S300 Android Smartphone

Acer has appended a new SmartDevice to its Iconia collection named the Smart S300. Furnished with a wide touchscreen, Acer is labelling the Smart S300 as a Smartphone with Tablet features.

The Smart S300 introduces a 4.8″ capacitive multi-touch screen with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and a native resolution of 1024 x 480. This display is powered by the LED TV technology and presents good brightness.

The Acer ICONIA Smart S300 is powered by 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and has 8GB of internal memory with an additional Micro-SD card slot permitting an expansion of up to 32GB.

The 6-axis motion sensor allots startling panoramic multimedia experience. Acer has also used its unique UI for the Smart S300 over the Android layer, which allows 7 customizable home screens. It features Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS!

It is equipped with 8MP auto focus camera with LED flash and also a 2MP secondary camera for video conferencing. A horde of connectivity options for the Smart S300 are available including Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, HDMI port, etc. The Dual Display feature permits the user to connect the Smart S300 using HDMI to the TV and experience a host of multimedia and gaming applications.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

iPhone 4S

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The iPhone 4S seems almost the same as the original iPhone 4. It features a 3.7-inch screen, with glass plating on the back and front, along with two cameras on the front and back, and an LED flash.

The iPhone 4S has a 3.5 inch screen, a resolution of 640x960, and the usual home button on the front of the casing.
However, Apple is promoting the iPhone 4S as entirely new on the inside. It’s powered by an A5 1Ghz dual-core chip, the same found in the iPad 2, and uses a five-element lens, eight megapixel camera on the back. This allows users to now shoot video in 1080p.
The device comes in three models, a 16GB, 32GB or a 64GB version.
What’s the opinion?
Apple has been pushing the iPhone 4S as a gadget that is twice as fast as the iPhone 4, and reviewers have definitely noticed, saying all types of apps are opening faster and without a noticeable lag seen on earlier versions.
MG Seigler writes on TechCrunch that after a few days working with the 4S, reverting to an earlier model feels like a chore.
“Apps that used to take a longer time to perform a task – applying a filter in Camera+, for example – now work much faster. More generally, every app seems to load quite a bit faster. The best way to see this is to load the Settings app that is built into iOS.”
“On the iPhone 4, it can take up to three seconds to load. On the iPhone 4S, it loads in less than a second. And the 4S is faster at switching between apps when multi-tasking.”
The camera itself is a significant upgrade, and TechRadar has praised the device for its completely new camera, which has new filtering technology to get a better white balance make colours even brighter.
“The camera is certainly an improvement; backed up by a very good processor and a decent sensor, along with some interesting software options,” it says, although notes the ability to record 1080p isn’t anything new, and that Android phones have had this capability for awhile.
It also praised the speedier processor, but admits that won’t be fully put to the test until more apps are released that take advantage of the iOS 5 software.

The biggest upgrade is definitely the Siri assistant, and most reviewers are pinning this feature as more powerful than they expected. Over at Macworld, Jason Snell writes that he was impressed with the assistant’s ability to understand context.
“It didn’t always work, but when it did, it was magical. I asked Siri for suggestions for places to have lunch, and it provided me with a list of nearby restaurants that serve lunch. I then specified that I wanted to eat downtown, and got a narrower list of places downtown.”

Reviewers, such as CNET, have noted a number of gaps – Siri is unable to understand some aspects of conversation – but mostly, it works. However, Snell muses whether the voice-to-text feature could have been included in previous versions of the iPhone, as it doesn’t take up too much processing power.

Who will it suit
The iPhone 4S is a substantial step-up over the iPhone 4, and with improved speed and better battery life, is sure to gain a few upgrades from customers who are currently using the iPhone 4.

Most consumers won’t be drawn by the A5 chip, with the only major upgrade from the iPhone 4 being the voice assistant function, Siri. It’s doubtful that many iPhone 4 users will want to upgrade for those features alone.

Instead, this is designed for iPhone 3GS users who are just coming off their two-year contracts. If you have a 3GS and are debating an upgrade, then the 4S is definitely a worthy upgrade. But if you’re on the iPhone 4, you can afford to wait another year.