Friday, 31 December 2010

PYLE PLD72BK Headrest Monitor

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PYLE PLD72BK Adjustable Headrests w/ Built-In 7'' TFT/LCD Monitor w/ Built in DVD Player

This is the ultimate gadget to keep the kids happy in the backseat whilst you drive. The picture is reasonably bright, and a remote control gives access to the monitor.

The picture quality is pretty good from all video sources, although resolution is a little low.
  • Be warned: Wiring the headrest units is a little fiddly, so you will need patience and perhaps a wire coat-hanger to help thread the cables.

The headrest units include an A/V input and output that can be connected to the wires that are run through the seats, and a second set of inputs and outputs that can be accessed through the front panel of the unit
  • Be warned: Be sure to ground the headrests to the car frame using a short a wire. If you run a long ground wire there is a real chance of interference from the car electrics which is very irritating.

For those that care - Specifications

  • 7'' LCD/TFT Monitor With Built In DVD Player - Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen - PAL/NTSC Compatible
  • Headrest With Zipper Hide-Away Cover - High Resolution: 1440x234 - Auto Switching - Built In FM Transmitter
  • DVD/VCD/MP3/JPG/MP4/CD-R/CD-RW Compatible - Contrast: 300:1 - Full Function Wireless Remote Control - Adjustable Mounting Posts: 4.3''To 7.1''
  • USB/SD-MMC Card Reader - Brightness: 350CD/M2 - English OSD Menu - Dimensions: 11.5''W X 8.3''H X 4.7''D
  • Built In Game With Joystick - AV Inputs/Outputs - Power Supply: Dc12v
  • Built In IR Transmitter For Wireless IR Headphones

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    Thursday, 30 December 2010

    Kobo E-Reading Services

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    Kobo E-Reading Services - Read Any Book on Any e-Book

    The development of e-reading has re-defined itself in the form of e-reading services. Kobo e-Reading service has erected an open platform that ensures that book-lovers don't lose out. Kobo has become a global e-Reading service with in excess of two million e-Books, magazines, newspapers available on their open platform.

    Kobo has now become the first e-Reading service to launch an e-Book gift program. 

    This holiday season, Kobo customers have built up their libraries by downloading a free e-reading app from the Kobo Web site. Users can borrow books from their local libraries on the Kobo Wireless e-reader or can read Kobo e-books on other dedicated readers.

    In a press release, Michael Serbinis, the CEO of Kobo, said “This is a precursor to what is to follow in the new year with people reading more because of e-books and Kobo.”

    Serbinis added, “Earlier this month we predicted that Christmas would be a record breaker for Kobo, and we have exceeded our expectations driving several e-book downloads per second since Christmas Eve, or an equivalent number hardcover books stacked as high as 50 Empire State Buildings.”

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    The Mac Tablet

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    Mac Tablet

    Steve Jobs is in the process of introducing the highly awaited Mac Tablet. The Mac Tablet can be thought of as a large hand-held iPhone with all the gizmos minus the phone capabilities.

    The device has a 25cm (10 inch) screen that lets you to read books, newspapers or journals.

    While the device looks fabulous I’m afraid that I for one will not be purchasing one. I dislike any device until its at least in its second or third generation. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a first generation product again. But nevertheless it sounds thrilling…

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    How much blood did your new gadget cost?

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    As you zip around with your new gizmos and gadgets, you probably don’t think about the minerals it consumes or runs on. Yet whichever company made the gadget, it probably utilizes tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold, all of which are excavated in the Congo where the proceeds support the country's blood-spattered war.

    Major supply companies claim the source chain is impractical to follow because thousands of businesses involved in the chain leave little or no paperwork.

    Why do manufacturers use minerals from the Congo

    Manufacturers use minerals from the Congo because they cost only a fraction of those mined in other countries - due to availability of minerals, lack of control and low-cost workforce. This leaves consumers unable to determine whether their gadgets are subsidising warfare half a world away.


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