Monday, 14 February 2011

Samsung Galaxy S II

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Geeks, Techno-phobes and all people wise, take note.
The latest offering from Samsung is ther terrific new smartphone - and threatening to outsmart all other smartphones.

They are using it to launch their new Samsung Hubs as well - now there's a thing you don't want to miss...

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Samsung BD-C6900 Review

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The Samsung BD-C6900
If you’re eager to purchase a 3D Blu-ray player, the Samsung BD-C6900 is a rational choice.

If 3D is your interest, you’ve probably been reviewing Samsung’s UE40C7000 TV. However, if you want to view 3D movies, you will need a 3D source. Samsung produce one of those as well – the Samsung BD-C6900

The price of the Samsung BD-C6900 is a modest £349. It has good features, too, with a slick, button-free chassis. It doesn’t actually seem top of the market, and it draws finger-marks, but the Samsung BD-C6900 is elegant value for money.

It’s respectable with 2D too which is a good job. There are no 3D Blu-ray discs available yet, so you’ll be viewing a lot of 2D matter for a while. It’s really up to the job in this respect, with good colours, loads of detail and exciting punch.

If you’re still using DVD, fear not. The Samsung BD-C6900 is very competent. Its sharpness, detail and liveliness are among the best for the price.

Audio matters
An warning, present receivers will not be able to use the Samsung BD-C6900 3D signal. This means you’ll have to either purchase a 3D-enabled receiver when they are available, or use the 7.1 analogue multi-channel output.

So what is the Samsung BD-C6900 like with 3D Blu-ray? There are a couple of small issues, mostly with intermittent double-imaging, but there’s no getting away from the buzz of seeing effects jump from the screen, or the overall engagement offered by scenery with substantial depth.