Thursday, 30 December 2010

Kobo E-Reading Services

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Kobo E-Reading Services - Read Any Book on Any e-Book

The development of e-reading has re-defined itself in the form of e-reading services. Kobo e-Reading service has erected an open platform that ensures that book-lovers don't lose out. Kobo has become a global e-Reading service with in excess of two million e-Books, magazines, newspapers available on their open platform.

Kobo has now become the first e-Reading service to launch an e-Book gift program. 

This holiday season, Kobo customers have built up their libraries by downloading a free e-reading app from the Kobo Web site. Users can borrow books from their local libraries on the Kobo Wireless e-reader or can read Kobo e-books on other dedicated readers.

In a press release, Michael Serbinis, the CEO of Kobo, said “This is a precursor to what is to follow in the new year with people reading more because of e-books and Kobo.”

Serbinis added, “Earlier this month we predicted that Christmas would be a record breaker for Kobo, and we have exceeded our expectations driving several e-book downloads per second since Christmas Eve, or an equivalent number hardcover books stacked as high as 50 Empire State Buildings.”

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